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First class service and quality of meat which is why I don’t buy anywhere else. I also buy for friends.

E kiely

Ordered a 3kg joint of Rib Eye to feed 7 hungry men and it was absolutely spectacular, I don’t think I’ve had a better joint of beef in years and will be ordering this for Christmas day without hesitation. I can’t recommend this anymore. Thank you! keep up the great work.

Grant J

Uniquely excellent products found after 5years searching!
Courier delivery perfect
Brilliant overall

P. Chapman

We aim to deliver only the finest quality meats to our customers...

We aim to deliver only the finest quality meats to our customers...

100%, Honest! Meat as it should be.

Our ethos is based on two principles – Ethics & Quality. If it doesn’t meet both, it doesn’t make it onto the block.

” Supporting the ‘Eat Better’ campaign (eat less meat but ‘better’ meat as standard), we choose to locally select, carefully Dry-Age and deliver meat to your home that has been reared to the highest of standards.

Buying from Black Mountain Meat Co. means you are not only helping to keep the Butchery tradition alive, but also supporting local farmers. Traditional farms that are passionate about the healthy and happy animals they rear. It is well known within the industry that healthy, happy and nutritiously fed animals produce the most tender and flavoursome meat. “

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Why buy british beef?

Why buy british beef?

In Britain, some of the highest welfare standards in the world regulate the way that our beef is produced.

No growth-promoting hormones are fed to beef cattle in the UK and antibiotics are only by a vet. 

Every animal can be traced to its mother and place of birth with the British cattle passport system.

The distance between each farm and shop is smaller than imported beef. This means fresher meat and less of a carbon footprint.

Buying British beef supports British farmers. In turn, this helps keep the countryside how it looks today. No cows: No countryside!

Why buy British Beef? Because it's the best in the world and part of our national heritage!